This episode begins with a recap of previous episodes as a reminder to the viewers what happened earlier. The show then transitions to the trial that viewers have been anticipating. Cersei, together with Loras Tyrell, brother of Margaery, have to answer to the High Sparrow and his friends, but surprisingly, it is just Tyrell who is present and ready to be sorry for the sins he has committed and to convert to another religion.

Cersei's Plan.

On the other hand, Cersei is preparing for something, but it is not the trial she is getting ready for.

She also asks The Mountain to stop King Tommen from making it to the event. By now, you may have an idea that she has a plan for something. As she finds out about the wildfire, she is willing to use it.

What comes afterward is a huge massacre. Everyone, attending the trials, gets killed. The only person having suspicion on Cersei being up to something fishy is Margaery. Being aware of the situation, she wants everyone to leave, but the High Sparrowis too confident of her win that she compels everyone to stay in the hall.

That is the moment when the wildfire time bomb sets off.

The Mountain bars Cersei and Tomman from leaving the room, and they witness everything from the distance. However, things are not taking place as planned by Cersei. Tomman leaves by jumping out of the window and removing his crown which symbolizes the death of another king and the last alive child of Jaime’s and Cersei.

The Queen of Westeros.

The crowning event takes place in which Cersei becomes the Queen of Westeros as Jaime arrives just on time to witness it.

In the scene, which reminds Red Wedding, Lord Frey and Jaime mop the floor, reminding him that it is for Lannisters that keep saving his family. It surprises Lord Frey but Jaime, along with his army, leaves without harming Lord Frey and his family.

Lord Frey does not have an inkling about Arya Stark. She uses the face of a servant and kills his brothers and serves them in a pie to the father as dinner.

After letting Fray know the contents of the pie, she also kills him just like he killed her mother and brother after revealing her true identity.

John and Sansa agree to trust each other in Winterfell so that they can face their enemies in the future. At this point, we can officially determine that the winter is here.

By refusing advances of Littlefinger, Sansa proves yet again that she has turned into a sensible and mature woman. She also stops dream of Littlefinger to rule Westeros along with her, until the right moment arrives.

Considering what people know about Jon Snow, he may not be an appropriate heir to the Winterfell, but the North wants to see him as the new king.

The entire credit goes to Lady Mormont, who recognizes Jon Snow as Ling. She also considers others to acknowledge that too, despite having bastard status.

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