Is there any stopping the juggernaut that is Game of Thrones? The massively successful HBO show, six seasons into the story so far, has been the love child of commercial and critical success. The series just bagged 9 awards at the Creative arts Emmy awards last night, bringing its grand total of Emmy's to 35. This means that Game of Thrones now has more Emmy awards than any other show on television history.

The road to recognition

For the first time in the event's history, the Creative arts Emmy awards was conducted over two nights, giving it ample time to recognize and celebrate the many accomplishments of various shows this past year.

Game of Thrones emerged a clear winner during this event, bagging a stunning number of awards to propel it into the top spot of all-time winner. The show now has 35 Emmy's to its name, placing it well on top of previous record holders The West Wings and Hill Street Blues with 26 awards each to their name.

What is more incredulous is that Game of Thrones still has the chance to add to its already illustrious tally during the Primetime Emmy awards which will be held on September 18th. HBO also reaped substantial benefits thanks to Game of Thrones' runaway success, and emerged as the clear winner in terms of network success.

FX came second on that list, followed by the rapidly emerging Netflix.

The winning categories

The penultimate episode of Season 6 - 'Battle of the Bastards' played a massive role in the show's winning streak, bagging 4 awards on its own. This included Outstanding Special Visual effects, Outstanding sound mixing, Outstanding Makeup for a single camera series and Outstanding single-camera picture editing for a drama series.

The show also won the awards for the following categories:

  • Outstanding casting for a drama series
  • Outstanding production design
  • Outstanding stunt coordination
  • Outstanding prosthetic makeup for a series
  • Outsanding costumes for a Period/Fantasy series

There is no doubt that the show will continue on its excellent run so far and accumulate even more awards over the next two years. When the dust finally settles and the show calls it a day, its total tally would be so overwhelmingly large, that the record will stay unbroken for a long time to come.

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