"Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe shared some priceless wisdom on body image issues. She also schooled online fat-shaming bullies on low self-esteem and its relationship with body size. Sidibe, of "American Horror Story"and "Empire"flaunted stunning weight loss but also fabulous curves in a Lane Bryant promo "#ThisBody is Made to Shine." Looks like the "Watch What Happens Live" actress can tackle obesity, trolls, and negative self-image single-handed.

Gabourey weight loss rumors and reality

Sidibe first appeared in the film "Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire" in the titular role. Precious is a morbidly obese teen living with a physically abusive mom and sexually abusive dad who is the father of his daughter's child.

The role required a large actress and Gabourey fit the part. Since then, the Internet has been filled with speculation on Sidibe's weight loss. Well, now she's gone and done it. Sidibe hasn't shared how much she's lost, but on the recent "Watch What Happens Live" red carpet and in Lane Bryant ads, she showed off lots slimmer. Estimates are that Gabourey lost 100 pounds or more. She joins the ranks of celebrities enjoying body-slimming transformations.

Precious kicks fat-shaming in the butt

In recent interviews, folks couldn't help remarking on how much Sidibe had lost. But the "American Horror Story" actress wasn't interested in talking about her outer transformation as her inner one. She admitted that she has struggled with shame and been targeted by fat-shaming bullies all her life.

So now that Gabourey has proved she can lose weight, will that shut up the trolls? Probably not--haters hate because they can. It's a control thing with them. What really tamed the harassment is that fact that Sidibe isn't controlled by it anymore.

She says she's had to find ways to drown out the body-shaming and boost her own self-esteem.

Losing weight will help with physical health and maybe boost confidence. But shutting up the inner voices must come from within. Gabourey had to uncover a new way to look at herself that wasn't so negative. And she had to improve that body image while still being overweight. Because oddly enough, if you don't think you're good enough when you are fat, you won't when you are thin either.

You have to accept yourself as lovable as-is.

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