The highly successful creative duo of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg seem to be taking things to the next level by upping their frequency and scale of productions in the last two years. After creating a gripping, near-perfect adaptation of Preacher for AMC, and launching a cluster of hilarious films such as Sausage Party, they are now set to bring their creative juices to Hulu and create a fascinating new Sci-fi series.

Controller the past

The series sounds absolutely fascinating, filled with some highly popular elements that is sure to attract a wide range of fans.

Those who enjoy Seth and Evan’s unique brand of humor are sure to make their way to Hulu to give the series a shot, but ‘Future man’ is sure to also attract sci-fi fans and gamers based on its premise alone.

The show will be centered on a janitor, who doubles up as a hardcore gamer at night. His special skills attract the attention of powerful people, who eventually end up recruiting the janitor to go back in time in order to save our species from an overpowering force (whose details are yet to be revealed).

Although this premise sounds slightly absurd and a tad bit serious, you need to picture the script in the hands of Seth Rogen – a man who made a brilliant movie about groceries realizing the truth about human beings eating them.

Who, where and when?

Hulu has officially greenlit the pilot and ordered a 13-episode series that is set to premiere sometime in 2017. The series will be led by Josh Hutcherson, a man with quite a bit of experience handling sci-fi sagas thanks to his turn in the Hunger games series.

Seth and Evan will be directing the series that has been scripted by Ariel Shaffir and Kyle Hunter. Some of the other actors who have also signed on for the series include Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson.

Hulu has been steadily picking up steam over the past year, with shows like Difficult People and Casual garnering a fair audience. ‘Future man’ sounds like their first adventurous project, and it is about time they took a few risks in order to match the likes of Netflix.

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