Freddie Mercury, the legendary lead-singer of Queen, would have turned 70 last Sunday if he wasn't cruelly taken from his legions of fans around the world. The International Astronomical Union decided to pay tribute to the late rock star by immortalizing his name in Space and naming an asteroid after him.

Closer to Mars, not mercury

The asteroid was previously known as Asteroid 17473, and it is a 3.5 km block of black rubble that can be found close to Mars. It will now be known as 'Freddiemercury', and it is currently 500 million kilometers from our planet.

Interestingly enough, the asteroid only reflects a third of the sunlight that makes its way to it, making it extremely difficult to spot without the use of a good telescope.

The closest it will ever get to our own planet is roughly 350 million kilometers.

A special club

The News was announced by Queen's lead guitarist Brian May using a video message at the 'Freddie for a day' party at Montreux Casino in Switzerland. The 1200 guests who gathered at the party were treated to the special announcement, along with witnessing May himself via video. The party happens each year at Montreux Casino because it is located just in front of Queen's former studio where the band recorded a wide collection of their work.

Freddie Mercury now joins an illustrious list of musicians and celebrities who have their namesakes floating merrily in space. Brian May himself already has an asteroid to his names, along with the likes of The Beatles, DavidBowie and Frank Zappa.

Some other pop-culture legends who also have asteroid to their name include James Bond, Don Quixote and even Sherlock Homes.

A rich legacy

Freddie Mercury truly deserves this level of respect and adulation, as his work continues to shine brightly to this day. The band has 16 studio albums to their name, and were enormously popular in the U.K while touring in the 70's and 80's.

Their track Bohemian Rhapsody was even voted as 'U.K's favorite hit of all-time' in 2002, and their music has left a massive impact on the rock 'n' roll scene. Freddie himself was an absolute enigmatic performer who lit the stage up every time he took to it. An asteroid floating forever in space is a perfect tribute to the timelessness of the artist.

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