Frank Ocean's newest album Blondeis now streaming again on Spotify. The singer's sophomore studio album, which was released August 20th of this year, was originally only streaming via Apple Music. On September 9th, the album began streaming on one of Apple's competitors, Spotify, but then many listeners noticed they were unable to play the album. Did Spotify remove it from their service?

Blonde is now back on Spotify

The album has since returned and is now streaming again on the platform. Spotify cleared up the confusing about what happened, saying that the only reason the album wasn't available was because of a "small technical error." They were hard at work in getting it back online, and sure enough, the album is once again available to stream on Spotify.

Some without an Apple Music account may have been freaking out, but they can now relax.

Blonde is making Frank Ocean rich

Of course, this is all good for Frank Ocean. Frank made the decision to walk away from Def Jam and Universal, who he was originally signed under prior to the release of this album. This was actually the best decision he could have madesince he is now earning a whole lot of money off of this album.

Normally, an artist would be getting anywhere from $1.50 to $2.00 for every copy of their album sold. Since Frankreleased Blonde on his own indie label, Boys Don't Cry, that allowed him to rake in between $5.00 and $7.50 for every copy of the album on iTunes for $9.99. The album has already made him a millionaire and it is bound to make him millions more.

Frank is shaking up the industry

Going independent was the best decision Ocean could have made at this point in his career.

His45 minute-long visual album Endless, that is only streaming on Apple Music, fulfilled his contractual obligations with Universal and Def Jam. It's becoming more and more clear that artists truly don't need record labels to have the high altitudes of success.

Ocean, Beyonce, and Drake - who is opening his own strip club in Dallas - have the most successful album sales in 2016 so far. Frank will continue to make bank, going on tour and earning from merchandising. This has already created some small ripple effects in the industry, and they'll continue to grow.

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