Season 3 of the television series "Empire" aired last Wednesday on Fox. The show stars Taraji P. Henson and Terrance Howard as an executive duo who has raised a music industry family. Throughout the seasons they've encountered several problems in attempts to break up the family but all of the attempts are unsuccessful.

'Empire' VS 'Power'

Starting off as the most viewed show on television during season 1, Empire's season 3 views proves that the series has drastically lost the hype that it once had.

The show received the attention from rapper 50 cent for its constant comparison to his television series "Power" that airs on Starz, and the rapper had nothing nice to say about "Empire." Of course the backlash between 50 and the cast members of "Empire" drove fans to dissect both shows. Fans quicklyrealized that the two were nothing alike and more people chose "Power" as the better show. After watching the premiere of Empire's season 3, I too agree that "Power" is more intense, realistic, and entertaining.

'Empire' needs more details in the plot

"Empire" lacks detail, organization, and plot build up. Throughout all of the seasons this star studded family has gone through problems that are not cohesive to the initial story line. Every episode introduces a new problem or random "important" characters that has no insinuated position to the show or plot. The focus of the entire show is all over the place, while "Power" has a clear direction of what the show is about.

Another issue with "Empire" is the casting, there are too many familiar actors that makes the show unbelievable for the subject. The premiere episode alone included rappers Birdman, French Montana, and Xzibit, who scenes were unrealistic to how business in the music industry works.

Scripted shows are better

The first scene of the show answered all of the lingering questions from the previous season.

Which means that this season will have yet again a detour in the plot. Watching "Empire" is like watching a bad reality show, with the exception of having good actors.Shows like "Empire" that constantly changes the plot and easily solves the problems as soon as they arrive, will have to develop concrete substance. However the music on "Empire" still matches the overall element of the show, and has remained consistent throughout the series. With this new wave sitcoms that's reviving scripted television, directors and writers will have to look pass the typical soap opera drama. They have to remember that they're competing with shows like "Power," "The Get Down," and "Scandal", that are providing their audiences with an unexpected wow factor that keeps their attention on the show.

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