After more than two decades of being thrown around by guys like Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin andBrock Lesnar, it's no surprise that Mark Calaway— better known as The Undertaker— only wrestles for WWE once or twice a year. At the age of 51, Taker's body simply can't keep pace with guys like John Cena or Randy Orton, who continue to maintain full-time schedules.

Just because The Undertaker isn't appearing weekly onMonday Night Raw orSmackDown Live, it doesn't mean he couldn't take on some less-demanding roles in another fictional world full of violence. As fans ofDeadpool anxiously await a sequel in which Wade Wilson wages war with Cable, few details aboutDeadpool 2have been confirmed.

That means there is still the possibility for an actor to be introduced to the Marvel Universe, even if only making a cameo as a minor character from Marvel Comics.

Looking throughDeadpool #0 (1997), a promotional issue from the same series in which Deadpool and Ajax (the villain from the first Deadpool film)first meet within the pages of Marvel, I came across five characters of Marvel lore that could easily be portrayed by The Dead Man in a futureDeadpool movie.

Vamp's Animus

Vamp is a sultry villain with the ability to morph into Animus, a giant-headed humanoid who sends psionic blasts from her/its brain and has the power of telekinesis. After flirting with Deadpool as Vamp, it's easy to imagine a temptress transforming into The Undertaker with a prosthetic head, who rolls his eyes in the back of his head as he lifts a car with his mind and tries to smash Deadpool with it.


Brutacus (not to be confused with Bruticus from theTransformers franchise) is one of "Salem's Seven" who is an inhuman/mutant with the ability to transform into a leonine (lion-like) humanoid that has red horns, superhuman strength and limited magical powers.

Aside from the horns, that's practically The Undertaker's gimmick. Deadpool could even make a joke about the fact that Brutacus generally battled the Fantastic Four, and then poke fun at that franchise in typical Deadpool fashion.

Scourge of the Underworld

Little is truly known about Scourge.

In his many iterations throughout Marvel Comics, he has been a justice-seeking vigilante/assassin who is a master of disguise and tends to target supervillains. Not unlike Deadpool or Daredevil, Scourge makes enemies on both side of the battle between good and evil, so a quick battlebetween Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and The Undertaker as Scourge — or even a quick tag teaming of Scourge and Deadpool when Wade Wilson is a little overwhelmed —seems entirely plausible.


Of course, you could always use The Undertaker as a slightly more comical Marvel character, especially for the tongue-in-cheekDeadpool franchise. While Cheetah may seem like a silly choice, he's a big guy with superhuman strength, perfect for someone the size of Taker.

It would probably have to be a quick death— assuming Deadpool fights whoever The Undertaker would hypothetically portray— as it's hard to imagine the Dead Man with a furry face and razor sharp claws.


Imagine Deadpool somewhere near a large body of water. Suddenly, The Undertaker emerges as a bipedal merman with a water canon for a left arm. Hydron is actually the brother of Brutacus, making him another member of Salem's Seven. Seeing someone who looks like the The Undertaker in a merman get-up with a gimmicky left arm is ripe for classic Deadpool commentary.

While there's no reason to believe that The Undertaker will make a leap from the WWE to the big screen like The Rock or John Cena before him, it's fun to imagine him as a part of the X-Men/Deadpool slice of the Marvel Universe. Currently,Deadpool 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on January 12, 2018.

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