Harry Potter is a fictional celebrity and now the fictional house at 4 Privet Drive where he lived with his particularly nasty fictional aunt and uncle, Petunia and Vernon Dursley is up for sale in real life. The asking price of $620,000 is about right for the real life area where the house is situated at 12 Picket Post Close, Bracknell near London. The whole area benefitted from the rising popularity of the Harry Potter books and Movies at the height of the Harry Potter mania.


Now, the house could just be the biggest Harry Potter collectible ever sold.

Chances are that some celebrity might buy the Harry house, and why not? They have the money and the pizzazz and what's not good to like about owning Harry Potters house? The five most likely Celebrities to want to buy the house are all Harry Potter lovers.

Prince William

Keeping the famous house at "home" so to speak, UK's Prince William might buy the place.


He and Princess Kate have adorable kids and yes, Little prince Prince George will probably enjoy slipping into the famous cupboard under the stairs. When William and Kate visited the Harry Potter Studios in 2013, it was revealed that Kate reads the Potter Books, while William watches the Harry movies. "Hello Magazine" wrote that Williams "loves" the movies. Does he love them enough to buy the kids  a super-sized dolls house?

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Kellan Lutz

"Twilight's" hunky Kellan Lutz is up as the next most likely celeb buyer of the house where the living room was the scene of hundreds of letters dropped by the Hogwarts. Kellan has played a supernatural character in the past so he might enjoy the idea of playing at being Harry the wizard (when nobody is looking.) He said a few months ago that he always wished he had powers." I always wished I had a stick and a broom," "Hello" reported. 

Jennifer Lawrence

Cute and smiley Jennifer Lawrence the heroine of "Hunger Games" is very likely to want the charming home of Harry.

She is a huge fan of Potter  movies and even admitted once that sometimes she speaks in the young wizard's terms and she is a self-confessed "Harry Potter freak." The highest-paid actress in the world will certainly be able to find the moolah to indulge herself in the biggest Harry Potter collectible currently on the market.

Drew Barrymore

What about Drew Barrymore - one of the J.KRowling fictional hero's most notable fans, who almost got to act in a Hogwarts cameo?


Back when the studios were planning "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone," Drew nearly made it into the Hogwarts life but sadly the cameo was cut. If she bought the house at 4 Privet drive, the admitted Harry fan could at least dream of the time she nearly made it into one of the hottest movies of all time - in real time.

Chloë Grace Moretz

19-year-old Chloë Grace Moretz is the right age to really get into the whole Harry Potter groove and she is well known on Twitter to be a major Harry Potter fan. 

She has been acting since the age of seven and so she still remembers how it is to have special powers over people - even if, in her case, it is an hypnotic ability to get fans to love her, rather than a dramatic Ascendio spell.


Then again, she is so popular and has ascended in the movie scene so high that maybe she does not need to be able to Ascendio herself to hovering heights through magic. She already has the magic. Can you think of a celebrity who is better placed sleeping in the old Harry Potter House than this major Muggles fan?

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