Before you head out the door belting at the top of your lungs to the new Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj song "Side To Side" you may want to take a minute and check out what this tune is really all about first.

'Side To Side' song lyrics, did you figure them out?

Leave it to Ariana and Nicki to give the world what appearsto be(and is) another fun song that in reality is dirtyonce you take a good hard listen to the lyrics and decipher their true meaning. But we didn't have to try and figure them out because Ariana has already shared the song's true subject matter.

Let's just start off with first things first, no-one, repeat no-one rides an exercise bike at the gym with that much enthusiasm, nor does anyone really look that hot while doing so.

Just a reality check and a little gym envy. So according to Ariana, the song tells the tale of a young woman who has spent that past 24-plus hours with her man having crazy sex and is now paying the painful price that only a woman who has done so will ever know.

How will you explain meaning of 'Side To Side' to your kids?

Thus the meaning of walking "Side To Side." Nicki adds her own style and zest to the song talking about riding a bicycle that is not a bike at all. Now we all know that every kid around is going to be singing this song. But think about the new bragging rights this song has given men now. Can't you just hear the conversations now? Guy brags on date, friend asks if he sealed the deal, he replies he was so good that he now has his girl walking "Side To Side."

But, what about the younger girls, little girls in elementary school singing this song with their friends because it sounds cool, and is a huge hit, but have no idea what they are really singing about?

Mom, you may want to take a bit and try and figure out how you are going to explain this song to your girls and why it may not be a good idea to be singing along with it.

Thanks for this Ariana and Nicki!

Just a thought, parents, but what about the rest of us? This is a song that is going to be played a lot on the radio, and because it is so catchy it is going to get stuck in your head.

So prepare yourself when you may hear your own mother or grandmothercluelessly singing along to this one. After the initial shock and giggling wears off, are you going to tell them the real meaning?

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