Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui is trending worldwide on Twitter today with #WeLoveYouLauren. This spark of support comes days after it looked as if her band mateCamilaCabellopushed her while she was on stage during a song. Is this why fans are reaching out to Lauren?

Social media was buzzing with fans of the band seeing what they thought was a deliberate push by Camila and then after that bit of aggression, Camila left the stage and never returned to finish out the set. But that's not it, there is another reason Lauren is on top of Twitter Trends today.

It is because avideo has gone viralthat showsLauren crying while singing a song. Her tears triggered tears from her fans and this is what has sparked all this support of #WeLoveYouLauren!

Stream of tears

According to The Hollywood Take, Lauren singing the song No Way has sparked the outpouring of love her way. She is definitely feeling this song she is singing and in turn she's gotten noticed! Lauren opened the flood gates when it came to her fans crying along with her. So check out what all the hoopla is about today and watch the video below to see just why#WeLoveYouLaurenis trending on Twitter!

A little spat?

It was back on September 2nd at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Missouri when contact between the bandmates was made while performing I Lied from their 7/27 album. This started a debate of whether Camila tapped or pushed Lauren. It was immediately following this incident that Camila exited the stage, according to The Inquisitr.

Sparring for center stage?

Many saw this as Camila pushing Lauren out of the way so she could take center stage and others saw it as a tap on the shoulder as Fifth Harmony performed. Some social media users made Camila out to be a "monster" and thought that maybe Lauren was injured after that push.

This started a #GetWellSoonLauren hashtag the day of the incident.

Anxiety-riddled Camila

Today fans are sending their love to Lauren with #WeLoveYouLauren, which is trending on the top Twitter lists across the globe. There was a lot more going on behind the scenes than met the eye during this concert. Camila finally took to social media to explain why she left the stage and remained off stage as the girls performed one of the band's more popular songs. It was a bout of anxiety that prompted the singer to leave her four friends on stage to finish out the set without her. Anyone who has ever suffered from anxiety or has had a panic attack can understand what Camila is talking about and they will understand why she left the stage.

According to Music Times, shehas talked about how her anxiety has put a damper on her lifestyle as she's so anxious at times that her heart feels like it is beating out of her chest. She sometimes has to nap because all the anxiety really wore her down. She was able to return to the stage a few nights later, but before she did she tweeted her apologies to her fans.

Dissension in the ranks?

This incident comes amid the rumors that there's dissensionin the ranks, according to Unreality TV. It seems that rumors are swirling on how Camilahas some plans of going solo, which has caused some friction among the all-girl band. The fans report how at one of the after-show parties, four of the girls showed up without Camila. After some time went by Camila walked in, but the other four left as soon as she got there. These rumors are denied by the band, and because of the rumors, the bashing on Twitter targeting some of the girls individually can be brutal.

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