Just a generation or two ago in television, big named celebrities were a rare sight. If an actor or musician was seen on a TV show or commercial they were considered washed up. Over the past fewseasons, more Celebrities have found their way to television. There have been several celebrities endorsing commercials: Jennifer Aniston on lotion commercials, Selena Gomez endorses acne cleansers, and Kid Rock has been seen on Skittle commercials. Thisfall TVseason has seen another rise in big names returning to or entering television.

Film stars Damon Wayans and Kevin James return to TV

This comingfall TVseason includes Damon Wayans returning to television with an adaption of the filmLethal Weapon.His last appearance on television was with the successful sitcom "My Wife and Kids." He stars in "Lethal Weapon"as Roger Murtaugh, which premieres on Fox, September 21, part of the falllineup.

Kevin James got his start with sitcom "King of Queens," staring alongside Jerry Stiller and Leigh Remini. Since then he's known for his work in films, many of which have been collaborations with Adam Sandler.

He returns tofall TVwith "Kevin Can Wait," a family comedy where he stars as a retired cop who learns how tough at home life can be.

Kristen Bell, Minnie Driver, and Matt LeBlanc head comedies

Kristen Bell is another celebrity returning totelevisionwith sitcom "The Good Place"with Ted Danson. The show finds Bell accidentally entering a merry afterlife where she doesn't belong. This marks a return for the actress since her role on "Veronica Mars." Minnie Driver's last role on television was "About a Boy"which was effectively canceled after two seasons.

Thisfall TVseason, Driver returns with another comedy. "Speechless"tackles disabilities in families, but the cast and creator claim this show is more than just a show about social issues. It's a comedy that handles the realistic family. Matt LeBlanc makes a return to CBS since his famous role on "Friends." Liza Snyder of "Yes, Dear"fame was recently cast in the role of LeBlanc's wife. "Man with the Plan"is a family sitcom in which LeBlanc's character is forced to realize the struggles of being the at home parent.

Celebrity trend in television

Television in recent years has changed significantly with the rise of social media and streaming. Where films at the box office used to be theitthing everyone waited for, television has taken the place. With eachfall TVseason, networktelevisionand original programs on streaming services such as Netflix are seeing a rise in popularity. These days it takes more than a big name celebrity to make a film thrive. Several films fail at the box office and fail to make up the money it took to film. With eachlineup increasing in popularity, more celebrities are switching from film to television, or making a return.

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