In response to the islington council's September 6th decision to close one of London's most iconic dance clubs, an initiative has been launched to take back the night. Branded as the "#SaveOurCulture campaign, this effort seeks to see British dance music culture elevated, so as to prevent the closure of such historically relevant cultural spaces as fabric london.

Bass culture

Fabric has been the heart and soul of many disparate dance and other experimental music scenes all aligned by the electronic modes of synthesis typically employed by the bands, producers and DJs who have graced the legendary rooms of this venue.

Fabric is known the world over for its cavernous dance floors, booming soundsystem and wild fashions. Fabric has played host to memorable programming from all of the most famous names in the dance music world. It is quite simply so important to British dance music that the idea of shuttering its doors forever is enough to cause great sadness around the whole world of music appreciation.

Politics of dance

That fact remains that with common sense approaches to drug policy, dance music can and will be very safe for most people.

Dance music should not be victimized. There are a million and one positive things happening inside Fabric on any busy night. Accidental deaths will always be challenging to address but the answer is not to close one of the most known dance spaces in the entire world.

Perhaps there is hope that British lawmakers will look to a nation like Germany which has addressed similar questions as the ones facing Fabric London and the Islington Council.

In Germany, Berghain, is recognized as a cultural landmark. Maybe it is time, the British honored their dance music heritage. Fabric must be preserved for future generations.

The time has come to reclaim the night. Dance music is a global institution and there is no reason to close the most important cultural spaces connected to this scene, Fabric London is an essential part of the British cultural landscape.

Save Fabric London. #SaveOurCulture

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