This Labor Day, hone your knowledge of US history by tuning in to American Heroes Channel (AHC) at 9 AM ET/PT to catch a day-long marathon of America: Facts vs. Fiction. Hosted by My Boys and How I Met Your Mother actor Jamie Kaler, the show aims to correct common misconceptions about the nation's rich and storied history. Blasting News connected exclusively with Kaler on Aug. 29 to get the scoop on the show, and to find out more about the Navy officer turned comedic actor.

Kaler, who shared that he got into comedy to fend off childhood bullies who targeted him for his red hair,called the meeting that led to his hosting role a "fortuitous" one, given his love of and life-long interest in history.

For those unfamiliar with America: Facts vs. Fiction, Kaler laid out the premise, explaining that each episode presents a historical tidbit that we've been told about and then "break[s] it down and tell[s] you what really happened." He described the tone as "fun," and said that he enjoys how viewers can "forget that you're learning stuff because it's a comedy/drama show where we take you through events in history."

Do we really know American history?

So exactly how many misconceptions about US history does the average person harbor?

"Oof, so many," Kaler reflected before touching on a few the show has covered. "The Empire State Building was actually a landing point for dirigibles, or blimps," he explained. "They actually landed one blimp at the very top of the Empire State Building at the spire and people had to walk across a gang plank in 50 mile per hour wind. They did it once before they realized that was a terrible idea."

In addition to talking about America: Facts vs.

Fiction, Kaler also took time to dish on his career and aspirations. After referencinghis stand-up comedy tour, he said that scoring a guest role on the Netflix hit Stranger Things would be "amazing." He also dropped mentions for his YouTube show, Dads In Parks, and his Father Time podcast. But he's not all about work, and confessed that he tries "to play as much golf as humanly possible" when he's not involved with a project.

More about Kaler

So what's the first item on his bucket list now that he's the father of two young children? "I feel like I've done so much and I have two little babies now that I'm enjoying being home... and doing the simple things," he said. "So I would say I really only have one thing left on my bucket list and it's pretty much to every night sit in the Jacuzzi listening to Peter Gabriel with a nice glass of pinot noir."

But he's not all about playing golf, hanging out with the kids, and drinking wine during his free time. He responded enthusiastically to the idea of competing on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, and said he'd sign up "in a heartbeat.

I'd be the first guy kicked off but I would gladly go on. I would love to learn to dance... sounds like a lot of fun. I would be terrible. The only dance I know is that '80s Jon Cryer dance."

The America: Facts vs. Fiction marathon, starring host Jamie Kaler, begins at 9 AM ET/PT Sept. 5 on AHC. For more information on US history, check out the American Heroes Channel collection of books, available exclusively at Barnes and Noble stores.

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