Hollywood is shaken after learning about the news of the divorce of Academy Award winning actress, Angelina Jolie, and Academy Award nominated actor, Brad Pitt, Hollywood'smost loved couple. The two-year-long marriage after a relationship of ten years is ending in a divorce. Their marriage had always been doomed and here are some facts that show how tempestuous their marriage was.

The giant paycheck

Angelina refused a $30 million paycheck for her role in the sequel of Maleficient because she was aiming at doing more charity and documentary work.

This, she did, at a time when her overspending family desperately needed the money.

Brad's affair

After reports of Brad Pitt's alleged affair with his Allied co-star, Academy Award winning actress, Marion Cotillard during the making of the film, Angelina filed for a divorce.

Angelina's drug past

Angelina's past, when she had been addicted to drugs had come to haunt them all over again. A video was recentlyreleased, showing Angelina wasted in a New York city drug house, with needle marks all over her arms.

She had always been very open about her troubles with heroin addiction when she was younger. Pitt has been enraged due to her frequentvisits to drug dens secretly.

Brad's drinking

Their honeymoon after marriage in 2012, was a disaster. They spent shooting Brad Pitt produced movie By The Sea in Malta. It was reported that due to Pitt's behavior the production had to be stopped midway. People were suspicious that he had become an alcoholic.

The friendly nanny

Angelina must have never completely trusted in Brad as there was a report according to which she had fired one of the aides for her children because she had developed a 'friendship' with Brad. According to a source, one of their children's nannies was too friendly with Brad and once, he went as far as walking half naked around her. Angelina had also made sure that all of the staff hired for the care and help with her children were not too flirty with her husband.

Weight loss issues

Brad and Angelina had their differences about Angelina's sudden weight loss when recently she reached an all-time low of just 79 pounds. According to reports, Brad had been trying to get Angelina to focus more on her health when she would go an entire day without a solid meal and feel very tired all the time.

The Johnny Depp connection

Last February when Johnny Depp had begun doing thefilm, The Tourist, things had started to unravel for him and his then wife, Vanessa Paradis. The possible affair between the lead stars of the film, Johnny and Angelinamight have lead to a divorce between him and his wife.

This surely made Brad very insecure.

Selena cozying to Brad

On top of all that,Selena Gomez getting cozy with Brad Pitt, last year at the Golden Globes generated havoc on social media as it was reported that they had been shamelessly flirting the whole time.

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