After Monday night's premiere episode of Dancing with the Stars, Ryan Lochte had a meltdown behind-the-scenes, according to a source close with production. The Olympic swimmer was confronted by protestors as he was hearing evaluating remarks from the judges following his performance with pro dance partner, Cheryl Burke.

High drama when cameras stopped rolling

According to the source who spoke with Radaronline, Ryan Lochte had a crisis on the DWTS set when cameras stopped rolling. He may have shown poise and composure during the broadcast, but he crumbled soon thereafter.

"He was flipping out and demanding that they give him an entire security squad from now on," the show's insider claims.

The DWTS crisis started when Lochte protestors stormed the stage that had on shirts with the contestant's name on it with a line through it as to suggest "no Lochte." The demonstrators were against Ryan being on the show after his Olympic debacle in which he lied about being robbed at a Brazil gas station when he was drunk after competing in the Rio Olympics. He and some other swimmers were accused of vandalizing property inside the station's bathroom.

Lochte later apologized for his actions. Some wanted to make clear that not all is forgiven in their eyes and they were going to make a statement during live television.Security at ABC studios were quick to subdue one of the protestors who made his way on the dance floor.

Ryan was interviewed after the incident. He said he was "a little hurt" by the episode and that he wanted to try something he wasn't typically comfortable with.

Ryan wants "beefed up" security

The DWTS insider said it was "total chaos and everything is being downplayed." Everyone was pointing fingers and trying to place blame on someone for the whole scene that erupted.According to the report, Ryan wants his own security team stat.

His dance partner, Cheryl, seconds that and "told the producers that she is working with a national treasure and that they need to start treating him like that," the source added.

Will the producers get more security for Ryan Lochte during his time on DWTS?

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