Virtual reality has made a name for itself in video games and simulations, but now the platform technology is entering the art world, as there is a virtual reality ballet.

Watch dancers in a virtual reality

Created by the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, the show has been dubbed “Night Fall,” and showcases a group of dancers and a solo violinist that are placed within a dark room that the viewer virtually enters themselves.

Instead of adapting a traditional ballet, the piece actually is said to have been originally developed for the sake of showcasing virtual reality technology. According to a press release, the dancers do not limit themselves to one spacebut dance around the room and around the camera to help simulate the appearance of dimensions.

Reportedly, the piece is aimed towards audiences that would not normally attend a live stage production of a ballet.

What do people have to say behind the scenes?

According to the show’s choreographer, Peter Leung, the piece was a “challenge” and “a totally new experience,” as there has never been an attempt to produce a virtual reality ballet before.

Director Jim Samhoudsaid in a statement that the show was “magical,” highlighting that viewers can almost feel like they are center-stage.

Finally, Gerben van Walt Meijer, who serves as the Marketing Manager of Mobile Samsung Netherlands, said that they were “proud” to marry the traditional art form of ballet to modern technology.

How can you see ‘Night Fall’ in the virtual reality setting?

According to the company’s website, there are three ways to watch a VR program. One is to use the Samsung Gear VR, which also requires the use of a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 and proper headphones. An alternative is to watch on a smartphone through a cardboard lens, which also requires the use of headphones.

This system also requires the use of a “Watch With Cardboard” app. Finally, interested patrons could also attend a VR cinema, which for the time being is currently hosting the virtual show in Amsterdam.

The video of the show, released onto YouTube, and can be watch in 3D, can be seen below.

The company has also released the following video explaining on just how they were able to create the world’s first VR ballet, which can also be seen below.

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