Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar can't seem to stop annoying folks by foisting their fresh-out-of-rehab molester son on social media and their Reality TV show "Counting On." The parents posted an anniversary photo of Josh Duggar and wife Anna Duggar on Facebook and wished the unhappy couple wedding bliss, and heads exploded. Jim Bob and Michelle have been pushing to get Josh and Anna back on the show, even though Duggar's admission was what lost the first show "19 Kids and Counting." Mom and dad Duggar caused a family splitover this and no one seems to think it's a good idea for him to go public--not the other kids, show sponsors, or fans.

Irony of wishing Josh and wife "happy anniversary"

A lot of commenters thought it was insensitive of Michelle and Jim BobDuggar to wish Josh and his wife wedded bliss when he and his wife are anything but blissful. Some called it a slap in the face to their daughter-in-law who has, in one year, dealt with her husband's admission of molesting girls (including his sisters), adultery, cybercheating, a porn habit, and sex addiction. She has been trying to raise their four children through this nightmare.

There was a rumor that she was pregnant again, too.

Parents want Josh Duggar on TV show: too soon?

In an effort to move on after Josh's 2015 cheating-molestation scandal and prove the family forgives him, mom and dad want their sex addict son to make a surprise appearance on their show "Counting On." The response was overwhelmingly negative. It is also not the parents' decision because it is not their show.

The full name is "Jill & Jessa: Counting On." It is supposed to feature the Duggar girls' courtship and wedding plans (Jinger Duggarand fiance Jeremy Vuolo), marriages, kids, and pregnancies. Several of these girls are part of the group Josh fondled. Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald say they've forgiven their brother but not forgotten. They don't(for obvious reasons) want Josh around. This new show was TLC's compromise after pulling the plug on "19 Kids and Counting." It was understood that the pariah Josh would come nowhere near "Counting On." Fans are already leaving and many advertisers have pulled out--a common complaint is that Jim Bob and Michelle show colossal gall shoving their prodigal son in the public eye.

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