A new Duggar family photo is stirring up a lot of buzz and those who have seen the photo shared to the family's Facebook page have noticed a couple of different possible situations. The photo shows Anna, Jill, and Jinger shopping together, with Meredith and Israel along for the fun. While the three ladies are all smiles, there are other parts of the photo that have many “19 Kids and Counting” and “Counting On” followers buzzing.

What is the scoop on the 'Counting On' photo generating buzz?

While each of the three ladies is holding clothes that they are scooping up at this consignment sale, many “Counting On” fans have noticed that Jill's position seems to be hiding her belly.

There has been a lot of speculation over the past few weeks that Jill Dillard and her husband Derick might be expecting another child, but they have yet to announce anything. Is Jill making sure that she stands in such a way that her belly is hidden in order to keep a bump under wraps?

The other piece of the photo that has Duggar fans and followers talking is Anna's face. She is smiling, but many think that her face looks bruised and injured. A number of people have shared cropped versions of the photo online, details Press Room VIP, noting that she seems to have a bruised eye and an injured lip. This has led to some speculation that she may have been injured at home in some kind of incident involving her husband Josh.

However, there are plenty of “Counting On” fans looking at the photo and feeling certain that it's just shadows on Anna's face that make it appear that she is bruised.

Did something really happen to Anna Duggar?

Even if Anna does have some injuries to her face, many would point out that it seems unlikely that she would have been injured as some are speculating and then still have a picture taken and posted to the Duggar family Facebook page.

If indeed she does have some bruising on her face, which nobody in the family has addressed after the post garnered attention, there may well be an easy explanation regarding what happened.

Could Jill Duggar Dillard be hiding a baby bump in this photo? Is there some kind of bruising on Anna Duggar's face?

Season 2 of “Counting On” is now airing on TLC on Tuesday nights and fans of the family and “19 Kids and Counting” cannot get enough of the new series focusing on many of the older siblings and the new additions joining the family.

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