Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are the well-known parents of the huge Duggar family, which enjoyed many years as a hit Reality TV show, on TLC's19 Kids and Counting.Though the series was canceled in May of 2015 due to a serious scandal involving their grown son, Josh Duggar, the family has remained in the limelight with a new series, Counting On,which revolves around grown Duggar daughters Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, who are both married and have begun their own families.

Duggar family welcomes little boy

Though Jim Bob and Michelle are no longer adding to their brood in the natural way, they have just opened their hearts and their home to an 8-year-old little boy in need of a safe and secure family.

The boy's story is a sad one. His mom is Michelle Duggar's niece, Rachel Hutchins, reportsIn Touch Weekly. Apparently, Rachel gave custody of the little boy to her mother, Carolyn, in August of 2015.

Rachel Hutchins, 23, has a history of irresponsible behavior, as well as run-ins with the law. She is currently serving a three-year probation for felony theft. In April of this year, she was arrested for stealing $2 dollars and a pocket knife.

Sadly, this summer Carolyn, who is the sister of Michelle, had a stroke and is no longer able to care for the child. The Duggar family has chosen to accept this little boy as their own. Currently, they retain temporary guardianship, but at some point in the future, they hope to adopt the newest member of their family.

Duggar family baby # 20 miscarried

Even though Michelle's pregnancy with baby number 20 ended in miscarriage, it seems the Duggar family is destined to fill that 20th slot in their family tree.

They are said to have prayed for another child after their baby girl, Jubilee, was stillborn. According toHollywood Life, in their book "Growing Up Duggar", written collaboratively by Jessa, Jill, Jana, and Jinger Duggar, the girls remember Jubilee's passing in the most positive way.

"In the months sincewe have seen how God has used Jubilee's short life and our big family's love-filled reaction to her death to remind people of the true value of life, born and unborn.

The experience encouraged us to love each other even more, underscored our belief in the value of each life, and challenged us to take every opportunity to invest ourselves in each other, realizing we may not have tomorrow."

Congrats to the Duggar family on their precious new addition!

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