Could the Duggar family be walking away from reality television? The "19 Kids and Counting" and “Counting On” crew has spent years in front of cameras, even in the midst of family scandals involving oldest son Josh. Now, however, there is buzz swirling that the kids may be pushing back against Jim Bob and Michelle, wanting to call it quits.

The Duggar spinoff is running into issues

As the Hollywood Gossip notes, the Duggar family is on the new cover of Life & Style with some salacious headlines about a family battle. Jill Duggar Dillard, Jessa Duggar Seewald, and some of the other siblings have come together for TLC's spinoff show “Counting On,” but Josh has stayed off of the show.

Not long ago, there was talk of discord between the kids and their parents Jim Bob and Michelle, as the buzz was that the Duggar parents wanted Josh to pop up on the new show to try to rehab his image.

“Counting On” has also run into problems with advertisers, with many pulling their ads from the show. In fact, inTouch just reported that additional advertisers have yanked their advertising from the series, saying that their ads were run on the Duggar series in error. In addition, some of the companies are reportedly choosing to pull their ads from TLC entirely over the issue.

Will the Duggars continue with 'Counting On'?

While the Duggar show was renewed for a second season, and there are many dedicated fans, ratings have dropped significantly and things have never climbed back to where they were during the “19 Kids and Counting” days.

Given all of the controversy and criticism, could Jill, Jessa, Jinger and the other Duggar kids involved with the show be telling their parents that they are ready to be done for good?

Some “19 Kids” critics would say that they doubt this is the case, as the show is a serious source of income for them and the Duggar family does seem to embrace the attention when Josh isn't causing scandals.

Nonetheless, sources seemingly claim that they are trying to find a graceful way to bow out of reality television.

There are big events on the way for several Duggar family members

These days, Jessa and Ben are expecting a second baby, there are rumors thatJill and Derick are expecting, and there is a wedding ahead for Jinger and Jeremy.

Given all of that, it is hard for many fans to believe that the Duggar family would call it quits unless the network decided to bail.

Will TLC continue to renew “Counting On” despite the advertiser issues and ratings decline? Will the Duggar family rally and continue to do the series if they are given the chance? Stay tuned for additional details as more information becomes available regarding the future of “Counting On” and the Duggar family's future in reality television.

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