The second single from the album "Hopelessness,""drone bomb me" was released the day after news broke that an air-based attack launched by the US military had taken more then 150 lives in Somalia. All too often in this part of the world, as in Afghanistan, the implements and artifacts of modern war, tanks, helicopters, drones and missiles have taken on near mythic power in local folk art and storytelling.

Revolutionary music

Now on the other side of the world, artists like the United Kingdom's Anohniare creating art which mirrors the experience of conflict and is raising awareness around the brutality of modern war.

Ethereal, hypnotic and otherwordly, Anohni's pitch-shifted vocals compliment the digital dread of menacing synth stabs, "Drone Bomb Me" is a soaring epic of emotion. Perhaps the most important song of the year, it encapsulates so many of the global justice struggles all within one slick and highly satisfying package.

AnohniI's album, which received production support from contemporary masters Hudson Mohawk and Oneohtrix Point Never, is quite simply stunning and "Drone Bomb Me" might be its central arc, a point of solidarity connecting peoples across time.

Anohni's sadness and somber reflection of life explores the unique and fertile ground between the personal and the public. The politics of self- identity and the fear of violence-central themes permeate this moving and sweeping epic.

It is not surprising this album was so highly regarded atHyundai's #mercury prize proceedings. In the year of the leak, this might just be the most important statement in popular #music.

The world is an insecure fragile place and yet, with creative and visionary artists like Anohni creating truly spellbinding works of art of the magnitude of "Drone Bomb Me" there is much to celebrate. In a year of tragedy, heartbreak, and pain, Anohni has taken back the night and reclaimed a very powerful space in the emotional language.

Activist art

A transperson of color, an activist unwilling to turn away, a woman and a siren, Anohni is all this and so much more.

On the Mercury Prize-winning "Drone Bomb Me," listen to the sound of tension crashing down upon everything you know and feel the pain tear through everything you could ever imagine. You might not be able to imagine global war but when you listen to this song, you just might get an idea of what it costs.

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