Drake Bell the 30-year-old former Nickelodeon star of "Drake and Josh," and number one hater of Justin Bieber is headed to jail. Bell was sentenced to serve 96 hours in a Los Angeles county jail a four-year probation and a mandatory alcohol and drug program for his second DUI arrest.

Nickelodeon star's drinking leads to trouble.

Bell appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom on Friday where he accepted a plea deal on his 2015 DUI arrest. Drake was stopped by Glendale officers after he was spotted driving down the center of the road while speeding and making a hard stop at a red light. Officer's reports reveal that they immediately smelled the strong odor of alcohol coming from Bell and gave Drake a sobriety test which did not go well for him.

He was arrested on the scene and taken to nearby jail where he was booked and later released on a $20,000 bond. This is Bell's second DUI arrest, he was previously arrested in 2009 in San Diego. The second DUI was bad news for Bell, as California law calls for a minimum of four days behind bars with a second DUI conviction in a ten-year time span.

Drake Bell strongly dislikes Justin Bieber's lifestyle.

So far, Drake nor his reps have issued a statement on the matter at this time. It is also not clear at this moment as to when Drake will be checking in to serve his jail sentence. There is also a possibility that Bell could end up serving next to no time due to jail overcrowding. Interestingly enough and luckily for Drake,his arch enemy Justin Bieber has not bothered to comment on Bell's legal woes.

Bell and Bieber's fans are all quite aware of Drake's dislike for the pop star Justin Bieber, who Bell enjoyed dissing a few back when Justin was having his own issues with the law. Bell wasted no time taking to the Internet and social media bad mouthing Justin Bieber at that time. Could be that Justin is choosing to be the bigger man these days, that or he just hasn't heard of Bell's troubles yet since he has been very busy with his new girlfriend Sophia Richie.

Good thing for Drake, but we have to believe that if the situation had been reversed Drake would not have stayed quiet about Justin Bieber's legal issues. Hopefully, Drake Bell will take this time to get his drinking in check before he ends up suffering something much worse than a few hours in jail, wouldn't you agree?

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