Finally we have discovered, or rather, it was discovered thanks to the V-Jump magazine the secret of the transformation of Goku Black, the Super Saiyan Rose. In this note we will tell you what the scan of the magazine says, and that it has nothing to do with the pothala earrings as other pages or users have said.

The magazine

Mainly, the magazine makes reference to Zamasu's orange pothala earrings, and its difference with those used by Black, implying that Zamasu will need Gowasu's. As seen in the image, Black is clearly using green earrings so we can conclude that everything that has been said about this subjet (Black using orange earrings, for instance), is not accurate.


In fact, in the picture accompanying this note you will see that the ones used by Black are green, and that the ear seen in the other image above is Zamasu's. Unfortunately many websites underestimate fan intelligence by lying when the answer is in plain sight.

The secret of the transformation

Now, back to the main topic of this note, the magazine has revealed the secrets of the origin of Black's Super Saiyan Rose transformation (SS Rose). According to the magazine, the SS Rose transformation is none other than Black's version of the Super Saiyan transformation.

This way, we can conclude that it is neither a new transformation, nor a new state of the SS God, not even Black's version of the SS Blue transformation. According to the magazine, the state of Black's transformation is simply rose instead of yellow.

It is also textually said that the power Black's Super Saiyan Rose transformation is comparable to the SS God, saying SS Blue (name given by Whis, discarding the old one for being too long). So, we can infer that Black only needs to transform into base Super Saiyan (named Rose for the color of the hair) to reach the same power level as Goku and Vegeta's Super Sayian Blue transformation (a much more powerful state than base Super Saiyan stage).


As this information comes into light, we may also suppose that Black may have more stages of the SS transformation. Who would Black SS God stage be? And what about God Super Saiyan? Let's remembar that Black heard how Vegeta called Blue to SS God Super Saiyan transformation because of the color of the hair, so he decided to call his Rose, which makes reference to the color of the rose wine. In Japan, this color is associated with evil and darkness, along with black -- which is a sign of bad omen, so we can be certain why Akira Toriyama chose that combination.