Black's identity

Since the beginning, Black’s identity has generated theories of all kinds. Many fans even dared to say that he was Goten from the future. There are also other theories about Zamasu traveling back through time by some unknown method and raising Goku before his arrival to Earth, or even before he slammed his head. Even Whis himself has his own theory about Black’s origins, saying that maybe Zamasu wished for a servant with a power equal to Goku’s (using the Super Dragon Balls).

Yet Whis wasn’t 100% confident with his own theory, because it wouldn’t explain why Black and Zamasu share the same power level.


This complicates things even further. The latest news revealed by the series (episode 60’s trailer), implies that Black is not merely a replica of Goku, but something else. In this note we will examine the new theory about this villain’s origins.

As we all know, Black knows Vegeta and Beerus perfectly, he even knew Trunks' name when they battled. Why? It could be that after Zamasu wished for his immortality and travel to the future, he told Black all he knew about Goku’s story (all that Zuno said).

But it could also be that Black knew all of this by his own means. If this is so, then every theory about his creation from Goku’s DNA, or another timeline version raised by Zamasu since childhood, wouldn’t be so accurate. But we have another hypothesis. According to our analysis, Black knows Vegeta, Beerus and the others, because he is Goku from the present timeline. How can this be possible?

Further theory

We know that Zamasu is in the future, and that he is immortal (or at least he was before Beerus killed him in the present time).

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We also know that he has the power of an immortal God, and that he has possession over the time rings. We think that Zamasu traveled from future Trunks' timeline a few years forward, to possess Goku by some dark means (with his immortal God Ki), and make him his slave. It’s the second time he mentions the irony of needing a mortal to reach the 0 mortals goal (making reference to Black). Then we may assume that Black is also a mortal, which means that Goku is mortal as well. This allow us to think that Black is nothing else but Goku from the present time, but a few years older, and possessed by Zamasu and his power as an immortal God.