In recent days, it has been revealed -- important information regarding this exciting series of Dragon Ball Super. This new information has been focused on the main characters of this series better known as Goku Black, Goku, Bills, Vegeta, Goku, and other important characters of the series. However, as of today, information has been revealed about the chapters 59, 60, and 61, of this series. Certainly, the coming of these episodes will reveal the great mysteries around this saga. Today, we are going to talk about Zamasu, who according to new information is dead.


The death of Zamasu

An important source from Japan has revealed the possible death of Zamasu at the hands of Bills, the God of destruction. According to this source, this powerful and strange character traveled to the future and there, he asked Bills to make him an immortal God, but the God of destruction did not grant him this wish. Zamasu became really angry, and immediately an amazing battle to the death started between these two powerful characters.

It is worth it to note, that this information is not official yet, however, the source has said that the God of the destruction has killed one of the most powerful characters in the story of Dragon Ball Super, better known for all of us, as Zamasu, and with, humanity is safe from being destroyed.

Recent theories about this new information

According to theories filtered recently in the social networks by others sources, the new information revealed about the death of this character, who was considered by many as the creator of Goku Black, will be released in the coming chapter 60 of the series, so that this chapter will be one of the most exciting chapters in the story. The source also said that Future Trunks has traveled to the future to ensure that this amazing and unexpected death is real.



Below is a video to improve this information, together with some theories many massive leaks related to, and surrounding Zamasu’s death, and what might happen in the coming days:

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