After the release of Chapter # 59 in this series of Dragon Ball Super, rumors have not stopped. It was recently revealed in social networks the death Zamasu, one of the most fearsome villains of the series, who, according to unaccredited sources confirmed his death at the hands of Bills, the God of destruction. However, these rumors are absolutely fake, it is a joke of Akira Toriyama, to divert attention and create more expectations from the fans for the coming chapter in the series, premiering next weekend. Next, we will be talking about these fake rumors and the real truth about the characters.


Zamasu is not dead

There is no doubt that the chapter #59 has been the most intense in all of the series of Dragon Ball Super, and that one of the great moments in our life as fans, was at the end of this episode when Bills takes the initiative and decides to eliminate Zamasu after he tried to kill Gowasu. In the middle of the episode, we saw a scene in which Zamasu of the future and Goku Black had a conversation about his powers and desires, asking about the Dragon Balls. After that,  Zamasu said to Black that it would have been much more practical if he would have asked for an immortal body like him because it is very useful.

This was a great revelation because that would indicate that Goku Black in the past also used the Dragon Balls, surely to become what is now currently a double Goku.

After seeing the great fight between these two characters, it was believed that the God of destruction had killed and permanently removed this evil villain of the series, however, today a source has denied this rumor. As we all could see, Bills finished with the body in life, of Zamasu, but the soul of this evil villain still alive, and it is said that his energy and powerful force are still very much alive as well.


Three reasons why Zamasu is still alive

  • If Zamasu of the present dies, Zamasu of the future and Black can’t exist.
  • Zamasu could have been helped by Black from the future to become immortal without waiting to call the Dragon and grant his wish.
  • As you will see right now Beerus says a God killed by a God is definitive and time space doesn’t affect it.


Below, there is a video verifying all the information on this fearsome character: