As we saw at the end of the episode 57 and during the preview of the episode 58, Zamasu goes to visit Zuno, the one who knows everything. However, his first impression of Zamasu was strange, since he didn't know him. Does Zuno only know about things of Universe 7? Or about Universe 6 as well? He doesn't know Zamasu, why is that?

Zuno and his answers

It's also curious that in order to get the questions answered by Zuno, it's required to set an appointment and it takes a lot of years, the waiting time for an appointment is extremely long, but Zamasu didn't need anything of that and instead he came straight to him, knocking out one of his guards.


We saw in the preview that Zuno looks nervous, while Zamasu is totally angry. He threatened Zuno, so will he kill him for not getting all the answers that he wants? As we saw when Jaco and Bulma visited Zuno, they had to give him a gift of some kind before asking him questions, so both kissed him. We know that Zamasu won't do anything like that and probably Zuno knows it as well and that's why he is sweating, he doesn't know what to expect.

What does Zamasu want to know?

Zamasu heads to Zuno's place in order to get more information about Goku and the Super Dragon Balls.

When Jaco and Bulma were there, Zuno gave Jaco only one question for being a male while he gave Bulma three questions for being a woman. How many questions will he give to Zamasu? Will it be enough? Zamasu probably wants information about Goku to create Black. He was enraged when he saw Goku covered in Godly Ki, he doesn't understand how he could achieve that kind of power. If Zuno tells Zamasu about that, it could give us a clue to know about Black's real identity and about the Super Saiyan Rose transformation.


Maybe he wants to eliminate Zuno after not getting all the information that he needs, it seems that Zuno is not powerful, but he is wise, so maybe he will find a way to not get killed by Zamasu. We have so much to look forward to, the next episode of Dragon Ball Super is going to be an exciting one.