The episode 59 of the series will be aired this weekend in Japan. According to the information that was leaked by the Japanese press (for example the magazine "New Type") Beerus could destroy Zamasu for killing or trying to kill Gowasu, the Supreme Kai of Universe 10 and Zamasu's master. If Gowasu dies, does it mean that Universe 10’s God of Destruction will die as well? Will he do something to prevent his death? Is Gowasu the only Kaioshin in Universe 10?

The God of Destruction and his fate

According to what we saw in the series, it seems that Gowasu is the only Kaioshin in Universe 10, or at least that's what they want to make us believe.


It would be strange to see other Kaioshins. So, if Gowasu dies, it means that the God of Destruction of Universe 10 (whose name is unknown) will die as well, even if Zamasu doesn't kill him, it's Gowasu's death what counts. A Kaioshin and a God of Destruction are a set: if a Kaioshin dies, the God of Destruction will have the same fate. The unknown God of Destruction could make an appearance in the next episode in order to prevent his fatal destiny.  Is he really powerful? What’s his relationship with Beerus?

Zamasu as a Supreme Kai

Some fans said that Zamasu will automatically become a Supreme Kai after Gowasu's death, but we think that this is not correct.

The Supreme Kais are also called Gods of Creation, they have godly powers, and their position is not easy to get into. They cannot be replaced so easily by another person, there must be some training and preparation before, and also some kind of ritual or ceremony to validate it, but for example, in the Universe 7, the Supreme Kais are chosen only for being born from a special golden fruit. As we can see, not all the universes share the same system, but the point is that is not easy at all to become a Supreme Kai.  However, the Japanese magazine New Type said that Zamasu will die as well, so we just have to wait and see.


Gowasu and Black

Since Black has appeared in the series, there have been a thousand of theories concerning his identity. According to Whis, Black was created thanks to a wish that was granted by Super Shenron, after collecting the seven Super Dragon Balls. However, this is not confirmed (even Whis is not totally sure about this), because it doesn't explain why Zamasu and Black have a similar Ki. A lot of Dragon Ball fans believe that Black is Gowasu, or that Zamasu needs his dead body in order to create Black, but we think that it doesn’t have to be specifically Gowasu’s body.