It may sound absurd, because it's just a little detail, but this topic generated some confusion and controversy among the fans, mostly due to bad translations, wrong interpretations and fake information, but it's actually not as complicated as it seems. Now we are going to explain you why it's not possible to travel to the past with the Time Ring.

The Time Ring and its usage

As Whis said during the episode 50, a Time Ring is only used to travel to the future, and then to return to the present. It's not possible to use it to travel to the past.


He also said that even in the world of the Gods it is prohibited to travel to the past, and Beerus added that the only one who has a Time Ring is a Kaioshin. So, Whis was the first to mention this, but recently Gowasu said something similar during his visit to the planet Babari with Zamasu. He said that it's impossible to travel to the past using a Ring of Time and even if it was possible, it's strictly prohibited. Gowasu probably said this because he knows that it's possible to travel to the past, but only with the help of another object, not with the ring itself.

We saw this when Black traveled to the past thanks to a time portal that was created when Trunks used his Time Machine to travel back in time. This portal was spotted by Black's ring, so he took the opportunity to travel to the past, but he went there because of the portal that was opened by Trunks' Time Machine and not because of his Time Ring. Black was then sucked back into the portal. As Whis explained, Black was forced to go back due to a distortion in time that was created by the time portal that Trunks' Time Machine generated. The time distortion was getting back to normal, so Black ran out of time and was pulled back to Future Trunks' timeline.


Zamasu’s plan to go to the past

We wanted to clarify this because it was believed that Zamasu could travel to the past using the Ring of Time in order to create Black, but this is not possible, as it was explained by some of the characters of Dragon Ball Super. At least for now, the only way to travel to the past is using a time machine. The Time ring only allows traveling to the future and then back to the present, as Zamasu and Gowasu did a few episodes ago. The portal that Black used to travel to the past wasn’t created by his ring and it had a limited period of time.