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In the last episode of the series we saw Beerus intervening in the course of the story like never before. It’s the first time we see Beerus eliminating a relevant character, and also the second important death of this saga of future Trunks. Now, this intervention by the God of destruction leaves some clues about other possible interventions in the course of the whole story of the series. Why didn’t Beerus intervene in critical moments of the series, such as the battle against Frieza?

Let’s analyze the answer:

As of the start, Beerus intervened, destroying Zamasu because he was severely altering the order of the Universe, and its balance could be permanently affected.


With the destroying of Zamasu, Beerus believes that he also destroyed both Zamasu from the future and Black as well. As we all know, Zamasu wished for his immortality by using the super Dragon Balls, which could strongly affect the course and the balance not only of Universe 7, but of all of the 12 Universes. Also, Zamasu tried to kill a Supreme Kai (Gowasu), which could have meant the destroying of the God of destruction of Universe 10, because of the connection between these two deities.

Now, considering all these facts, why didn’t Beerus intervene when Emperor Frieza destroyed whole planets and pillaged every culture he encountered? We all know that Beerus and Frieza knew each other, in fact, King Cold told Frieza to never challenge the God of destruction.

We also know that Beerus used Frieza to destroy some planets in his name, such as the case of planet Vegeta. Surely the idea of the emergence of a legendary warrior (such as a Legendary Super Saiyan). Beerus used him for his “dirty” work, and this is the reason why Beerus never faced Frieza, since he never considered him a major threat. In fact, Beerus used the Emperor as a servant since he knew that the balance of the Universe wasn’t in any real danger.

It’s not Beerus' job to intervene in the course of history, only to destroy a “bad guy” (no matter how bad he may be), only because he is a bad guy, but only to accomplish his job as a God of destruction.

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The only time Beerus did something against Frieza, was to help Goku and the rest of the Z-Warriors when he rolled back time and regenerated Earth (since Golden Frieza destroyed it), but not to prevent the destruction of the planet, but because he loves Earth’s food. Let’s remember that Beerus didn’t stop Frieza from destroying Namek, because he was sleeping. Let’s also remember that according to the official chronology, in the year 739, Beerus decided to go to sleep, and at that time Goku was only a child, living his first years on Earth.