Many fans are disgusted because of the inconsistences of power in the last episodes of the anime. And it’s all on Trunks who showed up transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and faced Black’s Super Saiyan Rose transformation on equal conditions, and Immortal Zamasu. Now, in the last manga we saw Trunks training with Supreme Kai and Kibito. Did Trunks truly reach “Mystic” state while training with them? Is this the reason why he could face on equal conditions these two rivals? Let’s see …

Mainly, Gohan’s “Mystic” state is nothing but an increase of power.


Actually, the “Mystic” word is a fan-added term that caused such an impact that it was baptized that way. Now, did future Trunks reach that stage as well? No.


In truth, Trunks may have had really good training from Supreme Kai, where he may very well have reached Super Saiyan 2 stage, but he did not train as much, or even receive the power of an elder 15th generation Supreme Kai. Why? Basically because when they were about to try the Z-Sword Babidi began his invasion on Earth, and Trunks, alongside the other warriors, had to leave at full speed.

Then, while fighting, Darbura spat many times on Trunks, who dodged the attacks using the sword. Nevertheless, the Z-Sword began to turn into stone and Supreme Kai ordered Trunks to drop it, and when doing so, the sword broke into thousands of pieces.

The Old Kai 

Apparently, Old Kai was not released from the sword’s seal because it turned into stone. In theory, all who Darbura turned into stone will turn back to normal after he dies, but being that the sword is an object, it may not work the same way.


If this is so, then Old Kai died with the sword’s total destruction. When Gohan hit the heavy stone, he only broke the blade, and that’s why Old Kai was released from the seal, but in the case of Trunks, he totally destroyed the sword and even if it could turn back into normal (stop being stone), it would still be thousands of pieces. The fact that Trunks can stand against Black in Super Saiyan Rose transformation and Immortal Zamasu can only be answered by the need of giving more action to the story, or maybe both villains just wanted to toy a bit with Trunks and Goku, and see where their power reached.