After the release of the official synopsis of episode 59 of "Dragon Ball Super," several important things have been confirmed such as Zamasu’s death at the hands of Bills. However, in the images shown in the preview scenes for the next episode, we see Son Goku fighting against this villain, which is why the final destination of the assistant Kaioshin becomes more important. This makes us think that somehow Bills saves Goku from the hands of Zamasu, who will have the advantage.

Zamasu will probably die? 

The conclusion is that in episode 59 Zamasu will certainly die so despite Goku being his adversary, the god of destruction of the seventh universe will be his executioner.


By this happening, another very important issue is confirmed: Zamasu failed to achieve immortality, therefore he did not steal the time ring and so he did not create Black via the dragon balls. Things being this way leads to more, which have to do with the fact of how he managed to achieve immortality in the future, in addition to the origin of Goku Black.

Trick played on fans 

Something that could’ve happened is that the filtered biased information of the synopsis played a trick on the fans. It could be that while it was not shown in a scene, Zamasu gained immortality and Bills must have not have been aware of this and trusted he had exterminated him.

He retiered from the site without checking if he was actually dead. If it’s like this, it would confirm that present Zamasu intervened in Trunks time, allying with another version of himself, who probably had the same ambitions as him.

In conclusion

In conclusion we can summarize that if Zamasu actually died we can discard that the fight against Goku was the driving force of this character’s doubts, especially if we consider that in the future it did not happen. For now, there is very little information given to be able to try and guess any possible cause that triggered the hatred of Zamasu in the future.


However, there are several episodes of this saga left where the pieces will gradually come together.