Finally, after a few months of expectation, Trunks' saga seems to be reaching decisive moments, and with this, we know that Black’s identity will be revealed in the very next episode that will be shown in Japan.

We know quite a few things about Black so far:

-- Zamasu called Black “mortal” in two situations (this refutes the theory that Black is Zamasu from the future)

-- Black knows Vegeta, Beerus, Trunks and even Goku himself (even with their names)

-- Black is not a replica of Goku (Goku says so in the tráiler for episode 60)

-- He speaks of wanting to fight with “this body” against Goku, since it grows stronger with every fight.


-- He has the same, or similar mentality as Zamasu: Gods are guilty for “not correcting” the mistakes made by mortals, he wants to destroy mankind, and also hates Saiyans.

-- Apart from the hatred against the Saiyans, he calls Trunks “the last Saiyan," and by doing so, he is not assuming his condition as Saiyan as well.

-- It’s not possible that Black is a resurrected Goku from the future timeline, since according to the manga’s special, Goku is living peacefully on Kai’s planet (unless he is revived by the Super Dragon Balls, which have no restrictions when resurrecting people)


Black could be a version of Goku from a timeline that has had little exploration in the series so far (timeline 4), in which Goku doesn’t die from a heart illness, and Cell doesn’t exist.

This Goku could have been manipulated by Zamasu and transformed into his “partner." Zamasu may even have taken control over the time machine to travel back through time and possess Goku by some dark means (with his evil Ki of an immortal God), before he slams his head, or even before his arrival to earth.

The other theory, which we like the most, is that Black is Goku from the present time, plain and simple. How could this be? Well, Zamasu from the present time (the one we all know) travelled to Trunks' future and from there, as an immortal, schemed his “0 mortals” plan.

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Then, he travelled back to the present timeline (the one we all know), but a few years later to possess the Goku we all know, but with a few more years.

By doing this with his immortal God power, he assured his control over him, or at least made Goku bow to his will thanks to the pothala earrings, which serve as a connection between both of them (apart from helping him travel through time). This may be the explanation as to why Zamasu and Black have similar power level. Yet, as it always happens with Dragon Ball, the creations always rebel against their creators.

This may explain why a few episodes back, Black kept fighting against Goku, ignoring Zamasu’s order. Is Goku in the dilemma of fighting to the death against an evil version of himself?