Today, we bring you the most recent information about the villain Goku Black, one of the principal characters of this series and its new transformation. According to new information revealed recently by Shonen Jump Magazine, the most hated villain of the series of Dragon Ball Super will appear in the next chapter with a new powerful evolution to confront Goku, who, according to this source will come with a new powerful transformation. Next, we will be talking about this new filtered information as other important new details for the coming episode have been revealed.


The new phase of the villain

According to Shonen Jump, the new powerful transformation of Black will be the biggest evolution in the story of Dragon Ball. The villain will become a Super Saiyan Phase 3, a powerful and strange transformation never seen before. This new evolution will be present in the coming episode that will premiere next weekend. According to this source, this new evolution is a simple copy of Son Goku, created with evil purposes of Zamasu, whose purpose is to eradicate all of humanity. Black proves to have the same capabilities of Son Goku, besides being an identical creation, it was not suspected that it had the same evolutions.

Additional information

According to Shonen Jump, Black will use this new transformation in his next fight against Goku, which will appear as a Super Saiyan with a new powerful phase. It is said that Vegeta and Goku will become stronger to fight Goku Black and that Zamasu will come back from death to help Black if the villain will get in trouble.  


According to the synopsis of the next chapter, it was revealed that that the next chapter will continue on the ruins of the Future of Trunks. It is good to note that according to the official synopsis, Bulma could go to the future of Trunks, and may even play an important role in the following chapters.

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Below we leave you a video with interesting theories about Goku Black and his identity. Stay tuned for the next episode.