Undoubtedly, the new series of Dragon Ball Super, every week, becomes more interesting and exciting. As we have seen, each chapter of this shocking series generates high expectations, managing to attract the attention of thousands of people, which today are part of the select club of new fans of this charismatic series. These last two weeks, we have seen images and impressive moments in the last chapters recently shown. As we all know yesterday was the premiere of chapter 58 of this saga, in which we saw impressive details related to the arc of Future Trunks' story.


As recently as today, there has been new information about Goku, who undoubtedly is one of the leading and most beloved characters in this series. Next, we will be talking about this new information, which has been revealed and confirmed by a source close to Bandai Company.

The new filtered information

According to a Japanese source very close to Bandai company, which has chosen not to reveal its name, one of the most charismatic and beloved characters in the story of Dragon Ball, known to all of us and to all the fans of the world of anime, Gokuhas become an immortal God.

According to information recently revealed by this anonymous source, Goku acquired this shocking and amazing transformation to confront Zamasu, and the fearsome villain known as (Goku Black).

It is worth mentioning that according to what was said by this source, the beloved warrior of the Saiyan race is actually training hard with this new transformation, and that now, he has the same power level as Zamasu, and the villain (Black).

Additional information

It is worth it to note that for the next weekend, there will not be a premiere in this exciting series.


Fans will have to wait two long weeks for all of this information to be officially confirmed. But what we can ensure is that the next chapter will be absolutely amazing.


Below is a video to improve this information, together with some theories and leaks related to, and surrounding Goku’s new transformation, and what might happen in the coming days: