Just minutes ago, it has been released in the country of Japan, the long awaited chapter 57, corresponding to this new series of Dragon Ball Super. Undoubtedly, this new chapter has been the most exciting in the entire series of Dragon Ball, and the world of anime. In the first minutes, we could see amazing pictures, and a couple of stunning and amazing scenes never seen before.

The plot of this amazing episode

In the latest chapter of this series, we noted facts and interesting details. It is worth mentioning that once again Black Goku has proven to be the most powerful and feared villain in this series, at least so far, because nobody could beat him, even the arrival of the Z Warriors has not been able to defeat this powerful and strange character.


Since the appearance of this strange character, there have been many rumors that have emerged in social networks and television media, about his personality and character. However, this villain has proved to be stronger than many imagined, so much so that a Japanese source, has said that for beating this abominable character, his opponents would have to use a very powerful fusion between two of the strongest Super Saiyans of the series, because as we saw in chapter 57, the fusion of Super Saiyan Blue, is very weak compared to the immense power of this villain.

New theory

As we all know, in every episode of this series, we have seen different theories, corresponding to what would happen in each next chapter. Today, a Japanese source confirmed some of the most impressive battles in the next episode, it is a merger between two Super Saiyans Legendary (Son Goku and Son Vegeta), combining into Gogeta Super Saiyan Rose to face the fearsome villain better known as Black, in a battle to the death.


Below is a video to improve this information together with some theories in which you can see many massive leaks, so that you can clear your doubts generated around Black’s true identity and these new characters, and what might happen in the coming days: