Today we had the opportunity to see and enjoy some of the most dramatic and controversial chapters of this charismatic series of Dragon Ball Super, in which we noted that Black Gokú and Zamasu have been the most powerful and impressive creations, created by Akira Toriyama. Now we analyze the new developments we see in the next chapter of this series, according to a source from Japan, it will be full of relevant surprises and interesting details.

Synopsis of the next chapter of this series

According to the Japanese source, which has given relevant details about this series, the next episode of the Dragon Ball Super series is titled: ‘The Secret of Black and Zamasu’.


According to the title name of this new episode, we discover one of the most important secrets of the villain Black and his creator Zamasu, which has been hidden for years. In the first minutes of this episode, we can see how Zamasu is interested in acquiring the Super Dragon Balls so that he begins his journey to the planet of the mysterious character, better known as (the wise Zuno), who, upon arrival, immediately asks him about these important Super Dragon Balls.

Additional information

According to this source, Goku, Vegeta and Trunks arrive badly wounded back to the past, because of their last fight against Black and Zamasu, quickly, they get some seeds to recover from their injuries and just at that moment, the following warriors arrive: Bills, Whis and even the Supreme Kai.

It should be noted that later, Goku decides to return to the future again, seeking revenge. But for now, we must wait for the next chapter, to confirm all this information. It is good to emphasize that these revelations are not entirely official, as we had said at the beginning this information has been revealed by an anonymous source in Japan.


Below is a video to improve this information, together with some theories in which you can see many massive leaks, so that you can clear your doubts generated around Black’s true identity and these new characters, and what might happen in the coming days: