Beerus, a God of destruction with immense influence, that defeated no less than Zamasu, may change the future? To see if this is true, Trunks uses his time machine to travel to the future. Bulma travels into time, along with her son! Bulma jumps into the time machine as well, to test herself and help her son and allies. Full speed ahead, what kind of future does she see?

As you could see, Bulma jumps into her son’s time machine to travel into the future as well. Why? We believe that Bulma wants to help the resistance by bringing food and medical assistance while Goku, Vegeta and Trunks fight.


Goku thinks that Beerus is right when he says that future Zamasu and Black should no longer exist. Surely Vegeta thinks the same, and that may be the reason why he allows Bulma to travel to the future. Yet, the one that doesn’t think so is Trunks, who is not confident with the thought that Zamasu and Black no longer exist in the future. Bulma will surely surprise the entire resistance, or at least Yajirobe and Mai, who met her in the timeline of the future, and know that she should be dead.

The next episodes will first show Black’s true identity, which according to what Goku says in the preview of chapter 60, he isn’t a mere copy of himself but something else.

Then we will see Zamasu unleashing his full potential, and Trunks' appearance with a new super power (one that we are still uncertain of), and then Vegeta’s tough battle in chapter 63.


There are still many questions without answers, but we are certain that in the very next episodes these clues will be answered. In October we are expecting a new ending, and this may confirm that his saga is reaching an end. Also, the story is coming to a conclusion and there is only one final battle left against the two villains.

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It would be great if this final battle extends the saga for at least 9 or 10 more episodes, something that did not happen in the other battles of the saga. Nevertheless, judging by the titles that leaked, we cannot expect Goku to be the protagonist of these episodes. Will Vegeta finally be the hero of a saga? Or maybe it's Trunks' turn to save Earth? We shall see.