Since the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, there have been many secrets and mysteries that have captivated fans. As we all know there have been many rumors that have emerged on social networks about the villain Black Goku, who has undoubtedly been the most feared character in the whole series of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, and the world of anime.

After a long wait, a source with extensive experience in the world of anime revealed important details about the great hidden mystery, about this powerful villain, which many have been commenting on nonstop. Next, we discuss in-depth the new and interesting information recently revealed by this source.


The new information revealed

As we all know, every chapter of this interesting and exciting series has brought interesting details, and amazing surprises, leaving the faithful fans of this saga with many doubts and speculations about it. It is good to note that each chapter has been full of expectations, however, the coming chapter will undoubtedly be one of the chapters with an even wider audience, and the most impressive of all.

Today, a very important source revealed very important details about the mystery surrounding this strange character, known in the series as Goku Black.

It had been rumored that Zamasu was the one who had created this character, and according to this source, the true creator of Goku Black, is Enma Daio, better known in the saga of Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z , as the guardian of the other world and judge of souls for all the dead.

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Additional information

It should be noted that this information has not been officially confirmed by Bandai yet, however, according to information recently revealed by this source, after the death of Goku in the future of Trunks, Enma Daio introduced inside him the evil, making him the evil villain.


The source also said that all this information will be revealed in the next chapters of this series, but no further details have been given at this time so as not to completely spoil the show.