Not long ago we had the chance to see a new Super Saiyan transformation in the series, the Super Saiyan Rose, which is a transformation assumed by Black. It seems that Goku Black as a SS Rose is stronger than Super Saiyan Blue, he easily defeated Vegeta, even though he used his Ki Blade (or Energy Blade) made from his aura, stabbing Vegeta through the chest. He basically defeated Goku as well, but Zamasu appeared and stopped Black from throwing a devastating Kamehameha.

Goku and Vegeta as SS Rose

So, if this is an extremely powerful form of SS, could Goku and Vegeta reach this transformation to face Black? Well, we believe that this is not possible.


We would never see this in the series. Our theory is that Zamasu helped Black to reach the SS Rose transformation by some dark and evil method, so why would Goku and Vegeta do the same? Why would they transform into an "evil" Super Saiyan? They wouldn't go that far, even if that's the way to become stronger than Black.

The Black Rose

There's a reason why SS Rose has that particular color. The combination of Black + Super Saiyan Rose = Black Rose. A black rose has a negative meaning, it symbolizes death, as well as evil, impurity, revenge, immorality.

On the other hand, the light blue color of the SS Blue has a positive meaning, it symbolizes health, peace, honesty, freedom, and tranquility. It basically represents the opposite thing, so we see these transformations as two opposite and contrary forces, something like Yin and Yang. It wouldn't make sense that Goku and Vegeta would transform into something marvelous, something that symbolizes evil. We can expect to see for example a Super Saiyan Blue 2 or 3, or even a whole new transformation, which is less likely to happen.

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Black’s mystery

It's still unclear how Black transformed into Super Saiyan Rose, and if this transformation has Godly Ki just like SS Blue, but soon we'll find out. The true identity of Black will be revealed soon and we will also know why he looks exactly like Goku.