Undoubtedly, this new series of Dragon Ball Super has shown many interesting moments so far in the series, however, this week, it has emerged -- new information about what we'll see next week. During this exciting series, we have seen and enjoyed, impressive moments. But what we'll see in the next chapter 59, has no comparison. Recently, a source very close to Bandai has leaked new information related to the villains of the series, Black Goku and Zamasu, where these fearsome warriors are shown in an incredible fusion never seen before in the whole story of Dragon Ball. Next, we’ll be talking in detail about this new information, and everything that is happening around this series.


The new filtered information

According to the new information leaked by this source, in the next chapter 59, premiering next Saturday, September 24, we will witness an absolutely historic moment. For this occasion, we will see the villains (Black Goku and Zamasu), in a merger never seen before in the story of Dragon Ball. It is about (Blackmasu), a transformation that occurs when these fearsome villains merge to create this super powerful and invincible fusion. The source said that these villains are getting ready to confront Goku, who is coming for revenge, but this time with a new amazing fusion. Undeniably, we will live moments full of terrifying battles in the near future.

Additional information

The incredible new fusion between Black Goku and Zamasu will not be everything that will see in this interesting chapter. According to what was said by this source, there will be a new transformation, which is about Goku and Vegeta, who will merge to create a powerful fusion, which will surprise Blackmasu, and all fans of Dragon Ball. For now, it was not revealed if the fusion between these Saiyains will be into an immortal God. But what we can be sure of is that they really need a powerful fusion to confront these fearsome villains, which have been invincible until now.



Below, there is a video verifying all the information on these fearsome characters: