This video has been out for more than a year but maybe some of you didn't have the chance to see it yet, or if you already know it, this is the chance to see it again and have a laugh and remember the good old days of Dragon Ball Z. This is a bizarre parody of one of the most epic battles of the series, the first fight on Earth between Goku and Vegeta. In this fight the proud Saiyan tries to destroy the Earth using a very powerful attack called Galick Gun, which is one of his signature attacks, leaving Goku with no other option than to use a combination of the 3x Kaio-ken (pushing his body beyond its limits) and the Kamehameha to overpower Vegeta's attack.


The video of the parody

The parody was made by YouTuber Hoolopee showing his skills, it's very funny and original indeed, with the sheep moving their mouths at the right time. Who could ever imagine Goku and Vegeta as sheep fighting each other? Some fans even joke that Dragon Ball Sheep is a lot better than the movie Dragonball Evolution.

Goku vs Vegeta

This battle is well remembered by the fans and represented a turning point in the series. Goku was risking his life when he powered up to Kaio-ken x3, but he even considered it not enough to defeat Vegeta, so he used the Kaio-ken x4 and succeeded.

After this, Vegeta decided to transform into a Great Ape, also known as Oozaru, which is an enormous monkey-like creature that Saiyans are capable of transforming into when they look at the full moon (which could be also an artificial moon), this is only possible if a Saiyan still has his tail.


It was taught to Goku by North Kai (King Kai) and became one of Goku's signature techniques, it’s dangerous, extremely powerful, and very complicated to handle properly, since the energy usage of the Kaio-ken is very high.

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This technique appeared again in Dragon Ball Super, but only in the anime, when Goku used the Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken during his fight against Hit. He didn't use it in the manga. It would be great to see a parody like Dragon Ball Sheep recreating the fight between Goku and Hit.