There has been a lot of talk and speculation about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s health after she has been seen being helped up steps and helped to stand at podiums by her security guards. Clinton recently had another health episode at a 9/11 ceremony. According to Fox News, Clinton appeared to stagger and faint as she exited the ceremony. News reports are claiming that she now has pneumonia. Some reports even say she allegedly travels with a doctor.

Trump to announce information from latest health exam on Dr. Oz Show.

In light of all the health talk about Clinton, voters are beginning to wonder if she is healthy enough to carry out the strenuous job of President of the United States. As voters turn their eyes toward Trump, they are also asking for his medical records. While Trump, at age 70, doesn’t appear to have any health issues, the public still wants to know.

Trump, as a business man, is aware of what the public wants and what he needs to do.

He was already scheduled to appear on The Dr. Oz Show on Thursday, September 15. Dr. Oz told Today’s Savannah Guthrie that Trump plans to discuss his health on the Dr. Oz Show. Trump expects a full report from doctors after a recent exam to be received before his appearance.

Will Hillary Clinton counter-play and present her own health records?

The Clinton campaign has been very hush-hush about any medical issues Hillary may have.

That leaves voters with little else to do but speculate and make assumptions from what they see as she stumbles her way around the campaign trail. She has been applauded for even attempting to keep her grueling schedule all the while fighting a case of pneumonia.

The job of being President of the Unites States is a stressful, tiring job with long hours. Anyone who expects to hold that position needs to be in top shape, both mentally and physically.

People are starting to feel concern, for not only Hillary Clinton, who has proven she suffers some kind of health issues. Now they want to know if Trump has any underlying health issues that the voters should be aware of.

Usually, someone’s health issues are a very privatematter and medical records are protected by law. When someone is seeking such an important position as Presidency, it stands to reason that voters should know if either of the candidates are healthy enough to hold such a time consuming office as President, and the voting public believe those records should be made available.

What will Trump reveal on the Dr. Oz Show?

Trump has stated that he will reveal his health records and show some “hard numbers.” Is he confident that the health of a seventy-year-old man will sway voters his way? Trump appears to be in excellent physical health for a man of his age, but appearances can be deceiving. As hard as he has been on Hillary Clinton and her health issues, he must be pretty confident that his health is better.

In a classic Trump move, it would not be overly surprising for him to challenge Clinton to accept Dr. Oz’s invitation to appear on the show and discuss her own health issues.

In light of Hillary cancelling a California trip after her health scare on Sunday, Trump will probably go after her health issues even harder. Don’t we, as Americans, havethe right to know exactly how healthy and able-bodied our candidates are? What will Trump’s medical records reveal?

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