Dorinda Medley has been called the "pot stirrer" on the latest season of "The Real Housewives of New York." There seemed to be plenty ofdrama that followed her around and when she didn't give what fans thought was the appropriate response, mud was slung from all directions.

Dorinda stands by LuAnn

The saga between LuAnn de Lesseps and her cheating boyfriend, Tom was actually set up because of Dorinda Medley. She had no idea that the man had an alleged ongoing affair with Sonja Morgan and reportedly dated Ramona Singer. Drama began immediately once it was mentioned that de Lesseps was marrying this guy and Medley ended up sticking by her friend through the cheating scandal.

Despite Tom asking her to lie for him, she refused. Right now, Dorinda is the only "RHONY" star that is on good enough terms with the couple to possibly attend their upcoming wedding.

Sonja Morgan has been seen less frequently because she was being paid by the scene. She no longer fit in with the people fans wanted to watch and less of her was actually more this season. According to All About the Tea, Dorinda Medley came out and said that she is not friends with Sonja Morgan and they likely will never be. There have been reports that Medley uses drugs, though she has denied them. Morgan spoke up and talked about her using drugs and that is the straw that broke the camel's back for Dorinda. These two are not friends and will no longer be attempting a friendship.

"RHONY" divided leaves Dorinda choosing sides

This past season has really divided the New York ladies. Ramona Singer is the only one who can float between the two sides that are very much divided. Dorinda Medley is sticking by LuAnn de Lesseps and Jules Wainstein for the most part. It was confirmed that Wainstein would not be returning for another season, but the rest of the ladies likely will.

Medley is also still close with Ramona as they have been friends for over two decades. Bethenny Frankel caused a lot of uncomfortable moments for Dorinda, especially at her birthday party in the Berkshires.

Since the "Real Housewives of New York" cast is so divided, fans are anticipating some casting happening for next season.

Dorinda is not a fan of some of the ladies but the only one she has talked about openly has been Sonja Morgan. Without a friendship there, filming scenes together will be brutal.

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