Donald Trumpfrequently adds a dash of flamboyance to his campaign, so deciding to release his medical records via the Dr. Oz Show was quintessentialTrump.The GOP candidate surprised the Dr. Oz studio audience when he showed up with the record of his recent medical exam in tow so the good doctor could to read and decipher the contents for the people of this nation, reports The Daily Beast.

Hints of things to come

This episode of the Dr. Oz Show was taped on Wednesday morning and it will air on Thursday, but CNNNews happened to catch some of the folks who were in the audience and they offered up a few hints on what to expect.

Trump underwent a physical exam last week and he brought along a one-page summary of the results of that exam for Dr. Oz, who shared it with the audience.

The exam was done by the same doctor who released a statement not too long ago saying that Trump would be the "healthiest president in history" if he was to be elected in November, according to CNN Money News. Trump's long-time doctor,Dr. Harold N. Bornstein, had conducted a medical examon Trump and what the candidate handed to the TV doctor was a summary of that exam.

Questions for Trump

The contents of that medical summary were revealed by Dr. Oz and then Trump answered some questions that the TV doctor asked him. AccordingCNN News, folks who leftthe taped show learned that the presidential candidate is in good health.

The audience members also learned that he lowered his cholesterol with a statin, which is a family of cholesterol-lowering drugs that millions in this nation take daily.

Oz chimed in to say that Trump's cholesterol level is so good today that you would expect only 'a young person' to have those numbers!

15-20 pounds.

The man who could quite possibly be the next U.S. president told Oz that he would like to lose 15-20 pounds. He also shared with Oz his daily habits of eating, activity level and other "broader health-related issues," according to CNN News. During the hour-long taping Oz also talked about Trump's family medical history.

The timing of this medical exam reveal is no coincidence as it comes on the heels of Hillary Clinton collapsing at a 9-11 event. It also comes after a time where she's dragged her feet about releasing her ownmedical records despite many public requests.One of the people that the CNNreporter spoke to from the Dr. Oz audience was Kelly Platt, who is interning to be a pharmacist. Although other members of the audience reported that Trump does not exercise, Platt said that he is such a good golfer that he could go pro with the PGA!

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Ivanka shows up!

Trump took questions from the audience during the hour-long taping of the show and the surprises kept coming! Another guest to grace the stage on the show was Trump's eldest daughter Ivanka, who joined her dad for part of the segment. The consensus from all reports today... Trump is a very healthy man!

One page is not a medical history

As you might expect, this one-page exam reveal did not satisfy critics, as most folks were expecting to see both Trump and Clinton release something along the line that John McCain released for medical records when he was running for president.

He offered thousands of pages that included medical tests, numerous doctors reports and all the things you'd expect a man of his age to accumulate through the years for a medical history. For many today, one page did not do the trickfor a medical history!

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