You heard that right. Looks like we're going to see a mighty king! Yes, we're talking kings and successions, and we can feel the love tonight for Disney! It’s time to be prepared for everyone’s favorite childhood movie, "The Lion King," to be remade.Disney officially confirmed the news of a live action remake, and according to Walt Disney Studios, the remake will be on “the fast track to production.”

What’s going to happen?

After "The Jungle Book"grossed over $965.8 million dollars in just six short months, Disney decided to stick with the director who made it all happen: Jon Favreau. There is yet to be a release date for the movie.

The original (1994) is one of the most successful animated movies of all-time, with a box office earning of $968.8 million, winning two Academy Awards along with two Grammys. The movie's soundtrack has sold over 14 million copies.

If that wasn’t enough, "The Lion King" also debuted on Broadway in 1997, winning six Tony Awards. But the production wasn’t limited to Broadway—it also premiered in 23 theaters around the world, such as London, Hamburg, Madrid, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mexico City, and other parts of North America. The play has been translated into eight different languages and seen by over 85 million people.

Why now?

"The Lion King" is just the next movie in line in the circle of life—that is, the life of remakes.

Disney’s recent releases of "Maleficent," "Cinderella," and "The Jungle Book" were all smash hits, enjoyed by the audience its cultivated decades past, and the newest generation. The new live action version of "Beauty and the Beast" starring Emma Watson is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and the plans for the new "Mulan" will surely have young girls everywhere asking their parents for fencing lessons.

First Bill Nye is in talks with Netflix for a brand new show, and now this announcement. This is a great week for 90’s kids everywhere. We just can’t wait to see the movie! It’s going to be the coup of the century, and the chance of a lifetime!

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