Disney CEOBob Iger warmed the hearts of Star Wars fans the world over when he announced emphatic enthusiasm regarding continuing to develop the beloved space saga. Iger andLucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy are collaborating and have drafted a release schedule which will keep fans awakening to the power of The Force through 2021. Iger spoke as a part of a conference held by Goldman Sachs.

As a historic reboot of one of the most iconic global movie franchises of all-time, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was greeted warmly by domestic audiences and on a budget of$306,000,000, made a reported$2,058,662,225 worldwide.

Jedi masters forever

In the film which brought back fan favorite character Han Solo (among others) audiences found new reason to be excited about an aging franchise. The next movie in the series, "Rogue One," is anxiously anticipated by Jedi loyalists the world over. Disney CEO Bob Iger's confirmation that the movie series will continue for some time adds fuel to a myriad of fan theories about where the characters and plot will develop next.

"Rouge One: A Star Wars Story," is scheduled for worldwide release on December 16th 2016. The film was developed byAllison Shearmur Productions, Black Hangar Studios, and Lucasfilm. Gareth Edwards is the director and the original screenplay was written by Tony Gilroy.

Star Wars is truly one of the worlds most popular entertainment franchises. Profitable across many years, platforms and products, this series, now, continues to be as exciting a brand and concept to watch as ever before. As the modern film series continues to development many fans are excited to see the expansion of the Star Wars universe and the elevation of themes of diversity within the series.

A vision of the future

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" was lauded for its usage of film actors from around the world to comprise its futuristic world. Many actors of various identity statuses enjoyed supporting and leading roles. Fans of Star Wars and the The Jedi Knights seem quite happy to enjoy perspectives on the future state of humanity which revolve around notions of revolution, connection and unity.

There is a rich landscape of meaning contained within the Star Wars mythology, it is good for everyone to know more films are soon on the way.

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