Philedelphia's trancefusion pioneers The Disco Biscuits treated fans to two nights of absolute madness to celebrate the 2016 Great North Music and Arts Festival in Minot, Maine. Hosted at Hemond's Motorcross across Sept. 8-11, the Great North Music and Arts Festival pulled together an impressive array of audio visual experiences.

Never had to think twice

Encompassing workshops centered around topics, such as sustainable ecological design and permaculture and farm-to-able culinary opportunities, Great North was a truly awe inspiring sensory experience of the highest order.

Electrifying lasers cast off the main stage heralded the arrival of The Disco Biscuits. True jamband pioneers, The Disco Biscuits tooked to the Great North stages and delivered truly mind-bending performances that appealed to fans both new and old.

On the Mooseling 4 Life and Agra stages, festival goers were treated to regional heavy hitters, such as Gater, Moses and Of the Trees. These joined nationally recognized artists, such as the Space Jesus and Cut Chemist. The vibes were heavy and many life-changing friendships were forged across the four days of the 2016 Great North Music and Arts Festival.

As fans look to 2017, there is already a great deal of anticipation regarding next year's event.

Always knew my home was in paradise

Launched by 456 Presents mastermind John Hicks, The Great North was truly a magical event, which brought people from all over the United States and world together to celebrate life and to discover solidarity and peace while sharing a love for the best of music, art and culture.

The Great North was a positive event, which allowed safe spaces for people of color, those of various sexual identities and others. All were welcome and all were honored at an event which truly changed lives.

The Disco Biscuits continue a truly ground-breaking 2016 and turn its attention to upcoming shows at its 10th Anniversary Holidaze Event, Pre-Halloween Festivities in Las Vegas and Atlanta New Year's Run.

With another edition of The Great North in the books, many around the country are anxious for the confirmation that The Disco Biscuits will make this truly incredible festival, one of their new homes. For fans in attendance in Minot, Maine, The Great North felt every bit like returning "Home Again".

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