Everyone was shocked when the news came out that Toby Willis of The Willis Clan was arrested on rape charges. When this first happened, there was not a lot of news out about what went down, but now new reports are sharing what Toby Willis is being accused of and what is going on now.

What is Toby Willis accused of?

Reports are that Toby Willis allegedly raped a girl that was a family member while she was between the ages of 9 and 12. She says that he pulled her out of bed and raped her. So far, it sounds like it only happened one time.

It has been confirmed now that Toby Willis was told he can't go around his wife or biologicalchildren. Of course, this is causing a bit of speculation about who Willis allegedly raped, but other than saying that it was a family member there isn't any more information out.

What is his family saying?

Up until today, the Willis family was quiet about this arrest. On Wednesday, his wife Brenda put out a statement that explained that they will not be doing any of their concerts or events that were scheduled, and they have all been canceled for now.

Brenda says that she is focusing on her 12 children right now and that the entire family was upset about what went down. Brenda is also asking for privacy for their family during this hard time.

It turns out that their show on TLC was actually canceled before any of this went down. There hasn't been a reason revealed. Nobody really knows what is going on with the Willis family and everyone is shocked to hear about Toby being arrested.

Only time will tell if Toby Willis will actually be convicted or not.

The fans are going to have to wait and see if the Willis family decides to keep making music or what they do next. Toby was a big part of their group and helped them with a lot. This might make it hard for them to go on without him, but only time will tell.

Are you shocked to hear that Toby Willis ofThe Willis Clan was charged with rape?

Do you believe that Toby did this? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts on what allegedly happened.

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